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Poll Merino Stud

Our Poll Merino Stud was established in November 2006 with the transfer of 200 White River ewes and the purchase of semen from Kamora Park, Leahcim and Willemenup .  In May 2007 White River purchased the complete Almaree Poll Merino stud breeding ewe base (50 years of poll only breeding) and RA570 was purchased from Ridgway Advance stud for $7,000 in September 2007.  The Poll Stud was registered in December 2007.

The breeding aims in the Poll Merino stud are along the same principles as our Merino Stud.

Poll Merino Stud Infusions

Leachim 609 was purchased for a Leachim On Property record at their annual 2009 September sale for $24,500 in partnership with “Allala” stud Kapinnie. Highest priced poll merino ram sold in SA in 2009. Nyowee L134 was purchased for $15,000 at the 2011 Adelaide Ram Sale. Ridgway Kulkami was purchased for $32,000 at 2011 Classings Classics Sale. Collinsville 120102 Poll ram was purchased for $34,000 at the 2013 Royal Adelaide Show Ram Sale. At 2015 Royal Adelaide Show Ram Sale, White River paid $27,00 and $18,000 for 2 poll merino rams from Old Ashrose Stud, Hallet. Infusions from 2016-2020 have predominantly been based on Moorundie bloodlines with extensive AI. These sires include: NE8, NE 20, M 388, W252, M062 with the introduction of Wallaloo Park 226 in November, 2020 through AI. This ram was sold for $75,000 at the 2020 Adelaide Ram Sale.

Leachim 609

Mic: 18.3 SD 3.1 CV 17.0 CF 99.6
Nyowee L134
Mic: 18.3 SD 3.0 CV 16.4 CF 99.8
Ridgway Kulkami

Mic: 19.0 SD 2.8 CV 14.9 CF 99.9
Collinsville 120102 Poll Ram

Micron 20.0, SD 2.6, CV 13.0 CF 99.7

White River Poll Merinos

Sires and Semen

Premier 102

Collinsville Poll Ram 120102 purchased at 2013 Royal Adelaide Show Ram Sale for top price of $34,000

Mic: 20.0 SD: 2.6 CV: 13.0 CF: 99.7

Sire: Gleanlea Park 004

Dam: Special Stud Ewe JC & S 070846

SEMEN AVAILABLE $45/dose + GST – a proven sire!

Nyowee 147  Sire purchased 2011 RAS, $9,000 (Image 1)

Nyowee 137 Purchased for $15,000 at RAS 2011 (Image 2)


Eyre Peninsula Merino Ram of the Year 2018

Mic: 20.4 SD: 3.2 CV: 15.5 CF: 99.4

Wool tests taken: 10th July 2018

Sire: Moorundie NE8 Dam: Ridgeway – Kulkami 092 (Purchased by White River for $32,000 in 2011)


BWT: 125kg (7th July 2018)



Riverina Wool Australia Champion Hogget Ram, judged at Hay Sheep Show June 2017

Mic: 21.9 SD: 2.7 CV: 12.3 CF: 99.5

BWT 129kg (15th June 17)

SIRE: Nyowee L 134 DAM: Ridgway Kulkami

DNA tests done in November 2017 show that ” 546 “ carries the Double Poll gene.

Semen suitable for export to Argentina has also been collected. 


Purchased for $27,000, at RAS 2015

Mic: 20.5 SD: 3.1 CV: 15.1 CF: 99.9

Sire: R23

Cut 11kg with 6 1/2 months wool – A real wool machine!


WR 661 is sired by the famous WR 881 who was sired by Moorundie NE8. WR 661 is a very complete ram. He starts square on his feet and back legs along with a long body.  He’s exceptionally well covered whilst carrying a long stapled white crimpy sires wool with excellent wool cutting ability. WR 661 has a very pure silky muzzle and carries the double poll gene. Sure to impress for top end ram breeding. This family breed on!

Mic: 20 SD: 3.9 CV: 19.5 CF: 98.8


Purchased from Moorundie Park for $10,000, at RAS 2017.

Mic: 20.6 SD: 3.2 CV: 15.5 CF: 99.7

Sire: R23