White River Merinos


White River

Merino Stud

White River Merino Stud was founded on pure Collinsville blood in 1951. Only the very best Collinsville genetics have been introduced with several world record priced rams being purchased from the parent stud, coupled with select infusions from the most suitable leading Australian sires, enabling White River to cement a type for which it is renowned.

Our clip average on fleece wools is 20 microns with a 72.5 yield. Our mature ewes cut 8-9 kg, Micron 20.0-21.5. Hoggets cut 7-8kg and micron 18.5 – 20 depending on the season. Bodyweights of 15 month old rams are from around 100 – 140 kgs and top breeding ewes around 100kgs.

At White River, we are aiming towards bigger, plainer, freer types of animals to cater for modern day demands.

Merino Stud Infusions

Merino infusions through extensive AI program include Wanganella 750, Promotor 212 – Purchased from Collinsville for $27,000 in 2017 Adelaide ram sale. Wallaroo Park 112 – Sold for $52,000 in 2018, Collinsville JC&S 641 sold for $74,000 in 2019 at the Adelaide Ram Sale.

Promotor 212
Mic: 19.9 SD: 3.1 CV: 15.6 CF: 99.6
Wallaloo Park 112
Wanganella 750

Sires and Semen


WR 0002 is sired by Wallaloo Park 112 (sold for $52,000 in 2018) and his mother is sired by one Oak 304 (purchased for $21,000 in 2012). WR 0002 stands tall and is square on his feet and back legs. He has a big soft sires muzzle and a excellent wool growing skin with a nourished white wool with outstanding crimp and carries exceptional wool tests. His lambs look very impressive. Sure to make a impact at White River.

Mic: 19.7 SD: 2.8 CV: 14.2 CF: 99.7

Sire: WP112 Dam: Sired by one oak 304

*White River is particularly excited to see the progeny from this ram in 2021… Watch this space!


Riverina Wool – Australian Champion Hogget Ram 2016

Mic: 21.5 SD: 2.9 CV: 13.5 CF: 99.4

Sire: Venus 80 Dam: Dominator Daughter x Commonwealth Daughter

Semen suitable for export to Argentina has also been collected.

SEMEN AVAILABLE: $45 /dose + GST. 

One Oak 304

We purchased this impressive outcross sire from One Oak Stud Jerilderie NSW for $21,000 at the 2012 Royal Adelaide Show Ram Sale.

We are excited about the prospects of this ram over established White River families.

Mic: 17.4 SD: 2.6 CV: 14.9 CF: 99.9

Sire: Promotor 50

Unfortunately no semen is available for sale.

White River Kaldoonera 9778

Won 2010 Riverina Wool Australia Champion Hogget Ram at Hay Sheep Show, Elders EP Champion Hogget Ram of the Year and Supreme Champion Merino or Poll Merino Ram or Ewe award at the Royal Adelaide show.

Mic: 20.1 SD: 2.9 CV: 14.4 CF: 99.9

Sire: Charinga pearler 013 Dam: WR majestic 111 Daughter

BWT: 115kg

Semen available: $45/dose + GST.

Promoter 212

purchased from Collinsville for $26,000, at RAS 2017. 

Top priced merino ram sold by Collinsville. 

Mic: 19.9 SD: 3.1 CV: 15.6 CF: 99.6

Sire: Promotor 50

Semen available: $45/dose + GST.

White River Commonwealth 34

This big free striding ram has ideal temperament, structure and balance, plus exceptional bone, fleshing and feet, on a long, plain body. Combine this with a pearly white, well defined, fine-medium wool (supported by terrific measurements) and you have a Merino of unlimited potential.

Full wool tests 2yrs 3mths

Mic: 19.9 SD: 3.1 CV: 15.6 CF: 99.8 YLD 74.5 SS 52 n/kt

Cut 16kgs at exactly 12 mths

The Carcase
Weight 154 kgs (bare shorn)
EMD 44.1mm
Fat 5.8mm

Terrific muscling – so rare on such a long and big framed sheep.

Sire: JC and S 001 Purchased for $40,000 in 2003

BWT: 170kg

Semen available: $45/dose + GST.